Derby Field

After 141 Kentucky Derbys, Louisville Knows Sports


Louisville is sports-savvy. After 141 Kentucky Derbys, embracing events is part of our culture. We have quality facilities, abundant hotels, and we’re only one-day’s drive from 60 percent of the U.S. population. Louisville is affordable, family-friendly, drivable, walkable, and has great restaurants, clubs and attractions. We work hard at ensuring your event is a success.

Bring your sporting event to Louisville, we’ll help you celebrate success. We do it on a regular basis. We have the infrastructure, experience, expertise and can-do attitude to help you achieve your goals. With the Kentucky Derby being the oldest, continuously run sporting event in America – begun in 1875 – we’ve been in the sports event business longer than any city in the U.S. And hosting sporting events is what Louisville does best. We have a passion and controlled urgency that fuels success for our events. If there’s one thing that our experience has taught us, it’s that sports can entertain. They can engage. And most importantly to us and our city, they can be used to promote healthy lifestyles.

We are just as committed to providing an outstanding experience for national governing bodies of sport and event rights holders, fans, media and attendees. Let us show you how choosing Louisville as your host site is the first step in assuring a successful event.

Louisville Insider

Want to get “inside the ropes, inside the locker room, inside access” of Louisville’s sports world? Why not become a Louisville Sports Commission Insider? For just $100 annually, you can help strengthen our role in attracting, hosting and creating major sporting events that help make Louisville a great place to live, work and play. As an Insider, you will also have the opportunity to experience sporting events from an insider’s perspective, including some unique behind-the-scenes access and tours. For more information, click here .

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