Derby Field

After 150 Kentucky Derbys, Louisville Knows Sports

Mission and Overview


The mission of the Louisville Sports Commission (LSC) is to promote active lifestyles and enhance economic vitality by attracting, creating, and hosting quality sporting events in the Louisville area.

This will bring more inbound sports travel dollars to our community, enhance the quality of life, and brand Louisville as a great sports town.

Diversity Statement

Change lives through sports. Sports matter because they promote active lifestyles, encourage personal growth and development, and create a sense of community. Sports bring together people of different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, experience and education and open up the possibility of “what can be.” The power of diversity is found in the collaboration and chemistry that comes when individuals respect and embrace each other’s differences. The LSC embraces the diversity of sports in our workplace, with our partners and in our community.


The LSC is a Louisville, Kentucky-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 as an economic development tool to attract, host and create sporting events and activities in our community that generate hotel room night visits. In recent years, we have added to the community’s quality of life by promoting active lifestyles, especially with youth in marginalized neighborhoods. We are primarily a business-to-business, sales and service organization and have developed a reputation of event success guaranteed in our community and with our primary clients – national and international governing bodies and other sports event rights holders. In recent years, we have developed a business-to-consumer component as we expanded our portfolio of owned and operated events.

Our 35-member Board of Directors includes leaders from local businesses, government, civic and sports organizations. The board is led by a 13-person Executive Committee. The LSC is funded in part by Louisville Tourism, along with corporate donations, individual memberships and sponsorships.

For more information contact us at or call 502-587-7767.